Saturday, February 18, 2006

Sigur Ros in concert

The emperor has no clothes. And when you're a band from Iceland, that is a cold proposition. Last night at the Palace Theater, the 4 band members did not rock. They did not roll. They did not stroll. Instead, they plodded monotonously through amelodic songs that never seemed to end. I put in my earplugs because it was so loud, shut my eyes, and entertained Powerball fantasies. I kept hoping the next song was the one that was going to grab me but it never happened.

I liked the couple of songs I had heard on the radio over the years so I jumped on the 7th row seat offered to me at the last minute. Oh well, I've blown $40 in worse ways I guess.

The lead singer DID play his Gibson Les Paul with a violin bow on every song which was cool......30 years ago when Jimmy Page did it! With Sigur Ros last night it was an irritating gimmick. Here's the real deal from a Led Zeppelin show at MSG in1977 (buy it here):


Anonymous chris said...

a.) i think you were sitting too close

b.) vodka helped

c.) free tickets are often for bad shows

d.) i forget what 8 was for.

9,9,9 for the lost cause

11:42 AM  
Anonymous dan said...

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9:11 AM  

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